The Board was created under the authority of Government of Telangana as an adjunct office of the Department of Technical Education. While the Technical Education Department concentrates more on the administration and developmental aspects, the Board is expected

To frame policies for Technical Education

To review and revise the syllabi as per requirements of the society

To supervise the teaching in technical institutions

To conduct examinations and award Certificates

To design new courses and establish them at various Polytechnics to establish and develop liaison with industry

To affiliate educational institutions and accord recognition

To impart training for the teachers of technical institutions

To design material and make them available to students

To prescribe Syllabus for various Technical Courses at Under-Graduate level

The functions of the Board are

To advise the Government on the coordinated development of Technical Education in the State at all levels below Under-Graduate level

To work in liaison with SRC (Southern Regional Committee) of AICTE

Formulation of schemes in the State

To affiliate or recognise institutions conducting courses below Under-Graduate level and prescribe courses of study for them

To inspect institutes periodically and ensure that the standards of the courses and the instructional facilities provided are satisfactory

To conduct examinations and award Diploma and Certificates conforming to the minimum standards prescribed by the AICTE

To establish and develop co-operative relationships with industry and commerce

The major areas, which the Board would be required to cover in the functions, are

Curriculum and Academic Standards


Inspection and Affiliation

Liaison with industry

Growth and Development of Technical Education